So You Want To Write a Book?

Join the club.

“We all have a book in us. The first step is recognising this. Writing it is a whole new journey.”
― Kathryn Joyce

There are thousands upon thousands of people who have always wanted to write a book but never seem to get around to it. 

The fact is, most books never make it past the would-be author's head and onto paper...let alone a real book.

There's a lot of reasons. Things like:
1. How do I take what I know and make sense of it in a book?
2. What if nobody reads it?
3. I'm too busy managing my business and life right now.
4. What do I do first?

And so on, and so on...

I get it. 

It's easy to become overwhelmed by all of the steps that need to be taken before we get into actually writing our story down on paper. So much so that most folks throw in the towel before even getting started. They say they'll do it when...

1. They have more free time...
2. They have made it to the "next level"...
3. When the kids are grown...
4. When I become more confident in my skin...

Then you fucking die.
Yeah, that's harsh, and hard to read. But you die, she dies, he dies, we all die...and so does that book you had burning in your heart and soul...but never wrote.
It dies too.
Every published author (and would-be published author) knows how daunting the task of writing a book from scratch can feel. 

But I'm here with some good news.
That's why ghostwriters like me exist.
Our boutique agency provides a one-stop solution for anyone who needs help shaping their story into a book. 

Whether you’re a first-time author who doesn’t know a darn thing about producing a memoir, or a 7-figure CEO who doesn’t have the time to draft, let alone write a thought leadership book, we're here to assist you in finding the right words and the right path to publishing success.
So you don't die with that book still in you.

"Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained."
- Thomas M. Cirignano

Soooo, what kinda book are we talking about?

Funny you should ask.
And actually probably THE second most critical question.
  • Legacy: You've accomplished something in life and you want to pass that journey on to family. A way for your children to know, and their children to know what makes their DNA so unique. I mean, photos are great, but a written story of life...well...that's the bees knees. Memoirs, a biography or an autobiography are what we're talking about here...
  • Process: One of our clients had worked with fast growth companies and helped them grow even more. Along the way, she noticed similarities, and developed a process. That process became her book and that book led to even more business for her. Don't bottle up what you've learned. Let's get your unique systems in a book to help you flourish...
  • How I Did It: It's been a long road but you're there now. The pinnacle. Perhaps it's a liquidity event, maybe it's handing over the reins of your 7-8 or 9-figure company. The thing is you've done what a fraction of folks ever do as a founder, CEO or entrepreneur, and it's a hero's journey worth sharing. Someone out there NEEDS to hear your story so they too know it's possible...
  • ​Bestseller: There's absolutely zero shame in simply wanting to be a bestselling author. Over 81% of Americans believe they have a book in them, and a tiny bit ever actually write one. Then they die with that book in them. Let's get that book out and into the world...

Let's get (a little) serious now...

My genres and specialties: Biographies & Memoirs, Non-Fiction, Health & Wellbeing, Self-Help & Self-Improvement
What is a ghostwriter?
Ghostwriters are one of the secret engines that powers the publishing industry. From business books to celebrity memoirs, professional ghosts — writers who write under someone else’s published name — are responsible for writing a lot of the words and books that you see on bookshelves today.
Folks will tell you to write the book yourself. They'll say that you know your ideas inside and out, like a glove, and you have one of those voices that makes people stop to read, watch, and listen. So if that's the case...

Then why is it so hard to get that book out of your head onto the page?

Maybe you find it easy to do what you do whether that's being a CEO, knocking out complex spreadsheets, or even creating blogs, newsletters, emails, videos, social media updates, etc... But when you sit down at your Mac and type “Chapter 1,” you freeze. You have a lot in your head and you want to say everything…but that page is still blank, and that blinking cursor is mocking you. 

Two hours later...
Two months later...
Two years later...

But when you talk about your expertise, or tell stories about your life, things just flow so darn naturally. 

People might even say...“Dang it, that's incredible!! When’s your book coming out?”
And you reply...“Soon. It’s just not done yet,” knowing you have no clue where to even begin.

So what’s the real problem here?

If you’re like most folks I know and have written for, you know tons about your topic! You're driven, successful, and motivated. You just don’t know where to start, what stories and topics go where, and most importantly, how to tie it all together into something people actually want to buy and read. 

And on some level, that drives you nuts.

So you begin to think about hiring someone to write it for you.
But you recall friends horror stories of how they found some freelance writer on one of those big board websites, and it was a cluster. Poor writing, lousy grammar, and the voice was as far off as the next zip code. 

Good news for you, I’m not a freelance writer.

I’m a Ghostwriter. AKA, a professional book writer who captures your voice, helps you sharpen your ideas so they’re book ready, and polishes them into wonderfully worded gems.

When we partner on your book, we’ll get your ideas on paper in your voice.

Places I've been in/on...

With all the ghostwriters out there, WHAT makes you different?

That's a great question, and it should matter to you...
First off, let me just share that all really good ghostwriters and agencies should follow a process. Also, they should give you an all inclusive cost with no "nickel and dime-ing" your wallet. Plus, they shouldn't be afraid to itemize all the deliverables and also give you an estimated time to complete your project.  And it goes without saying that the actual writer should know what the hell he/she is doing.

We do all that too.

But this is what allows us to stand apart...
You see, while I am a professional ghostwriter, I started my journey as a registered nurse in the ER, then as an Army nurse. I've seen humanity at it's best, and it's worst. In 2001 I founded a company that went on to do well over 8-figures ARR. After our liquidity event my life and family changed forever. All this to say is that I understand on a visceral level what a hard charging, high achiever goes through. Not only from a "business" standpoint, but also from a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level.

All of this matters in a massive way.

    OK, I'm curious. 
    Now what?

    If you've read this far you're either genuinely interested, or you just like my writing style. Or both. I dunno.

    For ANY relationship to work, it's gotta start off with two things:
    1. Transparency, and
    2. Honesty

    Ok, and maybe being a dog lover and making a decent carbonara...but I digress.

    Working with me is like a mini-relationship. I get to know you a lot, and you get to know me kinda-sorta a little. I mean, this is about you, not me, after all. Bottom line is when we do this together, we're gonna dive deep. But in the spirit of transparency and honesty...this is going to take commitment. And I don't mean that in a sale-sy term. Not in a bust out your checkbook way, but more so in a you're gonna need to commit time to me for interviews and some 1:1 meetings over Zoom, or even in person. 

    I need to hear your voice...
    I need to see your eyes and expressions...
    I need to understand and feel your story...
    I need to know exactly where you've been, what you've done, and where you want to go next...

    Feel me?

    We do this right, we do this as pros, or we don't do it at all.

    Now YOU have a choice to make.

    I'm not a pressure type-a guy. What I mean is, I'm not gonna tell you to book a call today for a special deal only to have some cheesey, pre-written sales script, and then not let you get off the phone until I have your credit card down payment.

    That kinda shyte makes me feel, well, smarmy. (Yeah, that's a real word).

    No, I'm gonna slide these choices across your screen and you pick. You choose based on how you feel at this moment, how you truly feel about putting your book into the world before you die, and how you feel about commitment to a legacy project that is distinctly yours for all eternity.

    BUT I will share, in all honesty, that I only work with a few clients per year. So in a way, there is a bit of urgency and yes, scarcity.

    Choice 1

    Choice 2

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