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Hi, I'm Rick

I write about about the freelancer economy, what it means to be unemployed and unemployable, personal development and how I've achieved my dreams in very UN-conventional ways.

And also poetry.

All through the lens of someone who has dedicated his life to helping others.
You see, I'm a recovering trauma nurse. 
An RN for over 2 decades, but who's counting? 
I’ve penned and published in a few of the biggest magazines and journals around,  ghost written for prolific CEO's and founders, and have written about my nonconformist journey from your basic "staff nurse" to becoming a founder of an 8-figure company that was listed as one of the "U.S. Top 10 Companies".
“I stopped thinking the way other people think a long time ago. You gotta think like you think.” – Rocky Balboa

Join our group of delinquents, derelicts, dawdlers, gangsters, troublemakers and generally speaking, people who are sick of the status quo here... 
(tequila may be involved)

Places I've been in/on...

Coffee Or Casamigos Añejo?

10-Second Bio

I smile...A lot

  • ​Made in SoCal, Texas is home...
  • ​Graduated from from nursing school with my B.S.N in 1995...
  • ​Lived with Vikings in Norway on a remote island in the arctic circle, ate whale meat, hung out with Puffins, given an honorary Viking name...
  • ​Former CrossFit athlete and Ironman finisher (yeah, I like to punish myself)...
  • ​One of my companies did over $300 million in gross sales (before I sold it)...
  • ​Regular columnist on Medium and Newsbreak...
  • ​I still call my wife of 21+ years "my girl". And I think she secretly really loves that...
"Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly." 
– Franz Kafka
If you are looking for someone who is focused on the written word, I might be your homie. 

What I Write About

The Freelancer 


The freelancer revolution is allowing folks just like me and you, to monetize off our passion projects and sometimes wacky ideas. 

The freelancing industry is continuing to grow, and it's even experiencing a boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
That boom is only going to get bigger and louder.
The gig economy continues unabated with professionals around the world ditching traditional 9-5 jobs for freelance work that they find more fulfilling 
(and often can make more).
Here are my best articles on the realm:


and  Unemployable.

Part personal journey, part experience sharing about how I went from $12.25 USD per hour as a staff RN to full-time freelancing and eventually launching one of the U.S. "Top 10 Companies".

For eons, "work" largely resembled a linear journey. Go to school, get a job, work till 65, retire and golf.
I had no silver spoons, zero rich uncles, but was a hungry S.O.B. who knew there was more out there.
If this nurse can do it, then so the hell can you. 
These are my stories.
Below lie my best stories on the matter: 

Carpe F'n 


I think "personal development" is overused, sometimes makes you feel "incomplete"...so I like this better.

Look, it's not easy. Life as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

You'll experience the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows that nobody will understand.
Not even your mom.
I’m passionate about providing guidance to the new and budding freelancers. I share tried and true ways to encouraging people to push through their insecurities in order to become prolific humans and creators. 
These are my best tales on the subject: 


Heart. Soul.  

This one is one of my true passion projects.

Think I may turn it into a freelancing gig too.

Things They Say

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