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From hourly worker to 6-figure freelancer...

You've been lied to

They told you to go to school, get a good job, bust a hump for 20-years and then retire.
They want you to conform, to believe that only a "select few" are worthy of wild success in life, and in business.

Fuck that

It's time to level the business playing field...

  • Over 4 billion (yes, that's a "B") use email
  • Average ROI is 42:1
  • Email marketing is highly effective (when done right)
  • ​ This quick and easy guide will show you the way EVEN if you know nothing about writing emails

Men do write love poems... ...

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder...right?

When the pandemic pulled us apart for over a year, all I could do was write. 

Every day...
To her...

This is what I bled...

Hi. My name is Rick, and I'm a ghostwriter...

Love the written word?
Dreamt of making a career out of it?

Then this is the book for you.
Ghostwriting, Inc. is an easy to follow playbook on how to get started on your own ghostwriting journey. 

Geared for those folks who are just starting out, Ghostwriting, Inc. will save you hours of time on how to get started in this lucrative niche that is growing by the day. 

You know those quiet types who they tell you to watch out for?

At some point our voices are heard...

Hold On A Sec drives deep into the depths of the human experience.  True stories about hope, love, fear, unknowing, and sometimes the rawness that makes us human.

The book traverses a range of stories and subjects, all 100% true and are tied together by one singular, overarching fact. 

That these could all be about you

Join our group of delinquents, derelicts, dawdlers, gangsters, troublemakers and generally speaking,  people who are sick of the status quo here... (tequila may be involved)

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