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Rick is an award winning entrepreneur. Began as a nurse (RN) and discovered that trading hours for dollars wasn't going to build the life he envisioned. Starting with nothing more than dreams, desire and hustle, Rick is opening his VAULT of info to teach you how to do the same. Because W-O-R-K shouldn't be a 4-letter word!

Here are some fun and real facts you should know before we start this journey together:


arrow    '40 Under 40' recipient as one of San Antonio's emerging biz leaders!

arrow    SBA Top 100 companies and this is no easy feat!

arrow    Father, husband and pizza lover (I'm not sure how those 3 are related but it just seemed right)

arrow    Ironman Arizona finisher in 2014

arrow    I was a sheep herder in my 20's where I learned my first entrepreneurial lessons

arrow    I put my phone number in every email I send REAL number

arrow    I used to be a fat kid. Seriously...I was fat. Check out my article below from CrossFit

arrow    These are my two most popular articles in Entrepreneur and the CrossFit Journal

My Services

Biz Academy Online

When I started in business I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I found myself buying courses, chasing the latest and coolest “shiny object” product and soon realized that without clarity and focus I was gonna do this like a pup chasing my tail, until now...

The 1% Club

A private community of entrepreneurs who won’t let you down. This is a mastermind to re-define masterminds. Share, grow and connect with like minded entrepreneurs…honestly.

Work With Me

Integrity. Authenticity. And of course Hustle like it’s nobody’s business. Let me help you grow your business and give you advice from my personal experiences.

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What My Clients Say

“I’m eager to grow my current business and star a new one and this is what I need to be successful. Rick’s experience and business success is exactly what I needed…”

Heidi P.

Heidi P.

“Rick has had a measurable impact in the success of both my personal life and business life. Rick has also taught me to never (ever) stop thinking of the importance of helping others.”

Dane B.

Dane B.

“Rick is the quintessential entrepreneur, who created his…business with passion, integrity, value, results and philanthropy equally in mind. I’ll remain a client for the long term, and I’d trust Rick…you should, too.”

Tim F.

Tim F.

“Rick is an amazing person, able to help others quickly uncover their purpose. Rick has a never-ending enthusiasm and passion for life that is absolutely infectious.”

Drew B.

Drew B.

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A Message From Rick

Hi my name is Rick and I’m a huge fan of pizza (all kinds) and IPA beer (all kinds here as well). In fact I’m an avid believer that beer and pizza should be in their very own food groups but that’s just me. I know you’re not here to listen to me carry on about my love of food and suds…so...All that aside I think you should know that I’m really, really good at what I do. I’m an award winning entrepreneur, a bonafide ’40 Under 40’ winner, author and regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and a mentor/coach/trainer to 100’s of CEO’s who want to change their world’s with business. So pull up a chair, let’s connect on social and build something that matters…to YOU.
Rick Martinez