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Turn your knowledge, experience, and wisdom into visibility and credibility

You've built something of substance over the years. You've amassed expertise and knowledge that only time can do.

Now it's time to leverage that insight into producing high-quality content that works for you around the clock, 7-days a week.

Because deep down you already know this. That done correctly and consistently, thought leadership is the most powerful organic marketing mechanism on the internet.

  "Thought leaders are those that we look up to for authority perspectives on subjects that we're passionate about and who we can turn to when we need guidance." Forbes Magazine

Content Creation & Distribution

Your online presence says a lot about you in real life. It’s not just an extension of you, but it is also what people see when they look you and your company up online. 

They should be inspired and intrigued by what they see. 

It's more than vanity or looking good on on a screen; it’s about having your virtual persona match the one in person.

You want them to not just know who you or your company are, but also feel like your personality and values match theirs.
Create content that scales. 
Create high-quality digital assets that show your expertise, educate readers, and position you as an authority in your industry. Scale your insights—whether from leadership, sales, product, marketing.

Humanize your company & brand.
People want to learn from people they respect, and do business with those they trust. By sharing expertise in a personal, narrative way, you provide value and offer a more human perspective of your company’s mission. 

Reach new audiences.
Through consistent publishing on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook,  Medium, and Twitter—you will reach new eyes and potential clients in a value-add manner, as opposed to a disruptive advertisement.

The most unique form of marketing or branding, bar none

Thought leadership used to be an elusive goal that many business leaders and executives strive for. However, with the right tactics, along with dedication, patience, and education, you may be able to successfully influence others in your respective field and become a reliable source of insight and information.
truly separating you from your competition along the way.

Rick Martinez

Founder, Life Pivot Media

I'm Rick and here's a few things you might want to know about me.
  • I've been a professional writer and ghostwriter for years and have published 100's of pieces of content in a variety of publications...
  • ​In 2001 I founded, scaled, and eventually sold a large 8-figure business. In other words, as a founder and former CEO & executive, I understand where you're coming from in a distinct way...
  • ​Our company has written and published numerous books and e-books in numerous subject areas...
  • I only do two things and I do them darn well: write books and create thought leaders.
"We don't write and sell 'articles' and 'blog posts,' we sell the outcome of you and your company becoming the'thought leaders' of your industry—which unlocks a whole new future for you."  - Rick Martinez, Founder

Our process 

1. First we chat...

I'll interview you and ask questions. Lots of them. We'll capture your thoughts, and the convo so that we can turn this into impactful first person articles and content nuggets.

2. Next I write...

I'll write and send you drafts for your review, feedback and of course, comments. Nothing goes out until you say it does and over the course of our relationship we only get better together. I'll almost be able to finish sentences for you.

3. Then we publish...

Depending on where your audience is, we'll then publish to the spaces or profiles we determined. LinkedIn, Medium, Vocal.Media, Wordpress blog, or other platforms you might be utilizing.

Not quite sure but want to stay informed?

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