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  • Stories, strategies and real-life methods from one of your own, not some self-proclaimed "goo-roo" who wants to capitalize off the backs of hard working healthcare-heros...
  • ​The secrets to tapping into the trillion dollar freelancer underworld and how to become your very own nursing 'Boss' of bosses...
  • How to eradicate freelance startup overwhelm from your life in mere minutes (and no, it has nothing to do with quitting and finding another "J-O-B" or nursing "productivity hacks")...
  • ​​How to recognize the Code Blue triad of business death and to avoid the three biggest mistakes nurse freelancers make...
  • ​How to design your freedom freelance business the RIGHT way from the start! 
  • ​Discover the 4 keys to picking a freelance offer that's insanely scalable, valuable, and that will practically guarantee that your audience will line up to buy as if you were giving away free "oxy" in the E.R. ...and all without stress or overwhelm!!
  • ​My secret "Hunting" strategy to get a cold market who's never heard of you before hot, bothered, and ready to buy...
  • ​And much, much more...
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