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"I would highly recommend Rick if you truly care about building a real, sustainable canna-biz..."
“I honestly didn’t know where to turn when we decided to launch our infused edible line. As trained chefs we know our stuff but what we didn’t know was how to take our products into the brave new world of cannabis until we met Rick. He was not only patient but also provided us with world class coaching and by that I mean we were able to form a simple strategy and begin executing on it pretty quickly. Plus being a family man himself he really grasped the whole “work-life” balance thing and showed us how to be effective cannabis entrepreneurs while still maintaining a sense of balance. The results so far? We’ve not only gone to market but sales have increased 250% just since we started working together. I would highly recommend Rick if you truly care about building a real, sustainable canna-biz.” Matt Dixon, Cofounder and sous chef, Flora & Fortitude (purveyors of artisan CBD products)

Matt Dixon, Founder

Co-Founder of Flora & Fortitude 
Purveyors of Artisan CBD products
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I like to do things different...soooo...let's chat.
Me: "Hi. I'm Rick."
You: "Hey Rick so cool to meet ya!"
Me: "Back at ya my homie. Here's eight things about me and I'd love for you to HMU here and share just THREE things about you!" rick@TheRickMartinez.com
8 things about me worth sharing.
1. I’m a situational extrovert: simply put is I'm totally cool all by myself with a book or my thoughts. My wife lovingly calls me a hermit just to rib me BUT that being said if you give me a topic, a stage and a mic then I can light up the darn room like it's nobody's business!

2. Stoic Philosophy is my jam ...besides my faith (see #8 below) I am an avid reader and practitioner of stoic philosophy. It stands for something and heres a quickie: It is a philosophy of life that maximizes positive emotions, reduces negative emotions and helps individuals to hone their virtues of character. Boom!

2. My Gift: We all have one. Our gift. Mine is the ability to attract the right people, for the right cause, at the right time to do the right thing. I'm a natural promoter, magnet and articulate speaker. When I speak people listen to me. Always have and early on I realized that as my special gift to the world and now do it better than ever as a professional marketer, host and speaker. DON'T ever be afraid or ashamed to share and express YOUR gift!

3. Donut Bucket List: I have ZERO desire to leap outta airplanes, swim with sharks or climb icy mountains. One of my bucket list items was to visit VooDoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon and stuff my face with some of the most legit and wack baked goods on the planet. Been there...stuffed dat!
4. Trauma Nurse: RN, BSN class of 1995, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas. Spent the large chunk of my RN career in ER/Trauma so not much phases me. Was also a US Army nurse and did a tour shortly after '911'. I still hold my RN, my certifications and am known to don my scrubs PRN (if you know, you know) in ER's and OR's.

5. Heart of a Trep: had some wins and some big busts. But thats kinda what life is. You can't win if you never step on the field and your homie Ricky is always...ALWAYS on the field. The heart of a trep means that for all youz entrepreneurs out there don't ever give up and I'm always more than willing to help, guide and mentor. 

6. My favorite quote: "Success and rest don't sleep together" Russian proverb. It's on my whiteboard, right now. Always has been 

7. My wife: she's my center. My rock. My "Notebook". I post pics of us all over social and just know this. It's all real. At the end of the day I know she's always there for me and with me. Plus she's just a fucking badass woman.

8. Born Again: yep. I was baptized a few years back and I gave my life to Christ (there is a story behind the WHY for sure). I'll never tell you how to live or what to worship but just know that my faith is strong for me. In fact it's one of my core values. And it's also very personal. No scripture tattoos, no cross on my neck but if you ever need a homie who'll listen, I'm that guy.
Look, there's still is a ton more to me but this is enough for now. I share a lot more on our weekly newsletter and on social so let's get to know each other.

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